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Woman Discloses On Live Radio How She Infects People With HIV Using Zobo Drink

An unidentified woman has claimed that she has being infecting people with HIV by putting drops of her blood into zobo drinks.

Zobo drink also known as Hibiscus drink is a popular nutritious healthy drink usually made at home.

It is ox-blood or red wine in color and is made from dry petals of the roselle plant (Hibiscus sabdariffa)

The lady had made the confession during an episode of ‘MARKETRUNS’ with radio OAP, Emadomi Wilson Eguakhide better known as RATATA and Sosorobia on Wazobia FM.

Before the call came in Ratata had asked people to call and share those things they did in the past that they are not proud of.

Encouraging them to call, he noted that they don’t have to disclose their names, noting they can remain anonymous.

Speaking Pidgin, RATATA: “Those dubious things wey you don do, when you no like, when dey make your hear say, ‘God, I’m sorry. Ah! God, how I wish’.

“Even if you are not sorry, for the dubious things you did in the market space, call us, no problem. Share them with us. No call your name, remain anonymous.”

The woman had called in to say that she mixes the zobo she sells in public with her HIV infected blood.

She said, “Wetin I do, Ratata, God go forgive me!

“I go hospital, them say na HIV I get. I no get money treat. So I come dey comot my blood dey put am for zobo dey sell am for many people.

“I said, I will not die alone. God go forgive me. I don dey do am for six months now.”

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