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Why a lot of celebrity marriages fail

Reality star Phyna has shared her opinion on why most marriages of celebrities are unsuccessful and ends up failing.

Speaking in an interview on TVC, the reality star disclosed that the reason why most marriages of celebrities fail is that they allow fame to control their ‘heads’.

Phyna added that celebrities even when with their partners flaunt their fame and their celebrity lifestyle around them causing issues between them.

She said: “An entertainer marrying another entertainer is nice because they both understand what they’re doing. They both understand the business, so when I tell you I’m busy, you’d understand. But a non-entertainer doesn’t.

“You just need to be at the table with someone that understands. Many celebrity marriages fail because most of them front the celebrity life. When I’m with my boyfriend, I don’t even look like a celebrity or talk celebrity.

“I’m like any normal girl. It’s when you start bringing in talks about you being this and that in a marriage that you start having problems. Make your relationship like that of normal people with normal lives.

“That way, it’s going to be successful. We have celebrities that have a successful marriage now.” 

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