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Is there extra-time and penalties in the Carabao Cup quarter-final?

The Carabao Cup, also known as the EFL Cup, has been around for a long time but it can be tough to keep track of the various tweaks to the format.

There used to be two legged ties, but that is long gone (except for the semi-finals), and it has gone through various changes for how matches are decided too.

What is the current situation though regarding extra time and penalties in the Carabao Cup?

The quick answer there is no. There is extra-time in the Carabao Cup, but not until the semi-final and final.

That change was brought about for the start of the 2018/19 season. The EFL claimed 85% of matches are decided in 90 minutes, so abolishing extra-time for the majority of the rounds would only be a minor change.

As per usual, the decision was ultimately driven by clubs wanting to protect their players.

An at the time said: “The rationale put forward is that withdrawing the additional 30 minutes of play would directly address any additional fatigue issues that are occasionally caused when the midweek ties go beyond the traditional 90-minute period,”

The EFL Cup used to have replays but that was done away with in the 1990s. Nowadays, the two-legged semi-final is the only time when the same tie will be played twice.

That means penalties are used to decide the outcome of Carabao Cup quarter-final matches which are level after 90 minutes.

According to the : “In the event of the scores being level at the end of ninety minutes’ play in rounds one, two, three, four and five (quarter-finals) no extra time shall be played

“The winners shall be determined by the taking of kicks from the penalty mark in accordance with procedures as approved by IFAB.”

So, in short:

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