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Football Manager 2023: New Headline Features explained

Football Manager 2023 is right around the corner and we’re starting to get a glimpse of what the new game will feel like.

There have been a number of improvements and upgrades made by the team over at Sports Interactive to make this the most authentic version of the game to date, with a number of Headline Features recently announced.

Let’s take a closer look.

FM23 will see the introduction of a Dynamic Manager Timeline, designed purely to showcase all your achievements throughout your career.

All the important milestones from your career, ranging from title wins to the date you first linked up with your assistant, will all be put down in chronological order to make it easy to reminisce and share your story.

Each milestone has also been allocated a certain score in a new Events System, which will put greater emphasis on the more-significant triumphs.

AI managers have been given a complete revamp to give them more accurate tactical knowledge to compete during games.

Managers will react more realistically in certain situations, such as chasing a lead or fighting in a six-pointer, and they will also be more savvy when it comes to which formations would best maximise their players.

From front to back, players have been given significant updates for FM23.

Goalkeepers have had more save animations introduces to improve the use of their legs and abilities in one-on-one situations, while defenders are more reliable in tackles and more intelligent when it comes to committing to an interception.

First touches have been made more realistic and player responses to their control has been improved, and there have been upgrades made to finishing to make things feel more authentic.

A new tab on the sidebar, the Squad Planner will allow you to rank your first-team squad and youth players by their suitability to your current system, and you can even add players from your shortlist to see how they compare.

Players cannot see your moves and will not react to being dropped down your priorities list, but your staff will be made aware and will begin to make scouting recommendations based on the strengths and weaknesses of your squad.

An upgrade on the scouting assignments, recruitment has been made more accessible and allows you to instruct your scouts to look for players with specific criteria. You can scout for a perfect fit for your system or simply inform your staff to keep an eye on an entire competition or nation.

You will receive regular updates on your scouting requests, including a list of players who only narrowly fell short of meeting your demands.

Conversations with agents will be more authentic in FM23, allowing for minor negotiations with a player’s representatives before opening formal talks. Doing so will make it easier to reach a positive outcome.

Should negotiations over a contract break down, you no longer need to wait to try again as you will have the option to ‘Resolve Contract Talks with Agent’.

Fans are now split into six categories: Hardcore, Core, Family, Fair Weather, Corporate and Casual. Each type of fan demands different things from their manager and you will be able to see how each group is responding to you.

You will also receive updates ahead of games with tactical decisions fans will want to see.

FM23 has already confirmed the full licensing of UEFA club competitions, and involvement in those competitions has been made as authentic as possible.

Match graphics will be displayed in the manner of the relevant competition, while there will also be special walk-outs before games and the competition’s anthems will play before matches.

Cup draws have been made more life-like and immersive. An official host will lead the draw and will provide insight into the fixtures and remaining teams.

While these have been upgraded to be more significant, lengthy processes, players will also have the option to skip the whole draw and go straight to the result.

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