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Dom Okwor: The lies in Okey Ezea’s open letter to Gov. Ugwuanyi

It was quite tragic and traumatic reading an open letter to Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi from Chief Okey Ezea yesterday. This is because it was riddled with lies and lamentable diatribes.

From the onset, let me clarify that I am no employee of the Governor or his spokesman whose duty it is to defend his principal. But as they say, evil thrives when men of goodwill keep quiet. I write this to expose the falsehoods aimed at painting Governor Ugwuanyi black, especially before our fellow Enugu North Senatorial District people.

The most laughable was when Okey Ezea (Ideke) alleged threat to his life by agents of the Governor. You would laugh because anyone in the State knows that Governor Ugwuanyi is a man of peace who does not hurt a fly. Why would the Governor spend resources, his time and even risk his life to maintain peace in Enugu State and go ahead to eliminate one inconsequential human who is no threat to him?

Chief Ezea recounted one time he claimed to have been roughened in his Igbo-Eze South headquarters. Again, can he tell us what he did that warranted a Save-Our-Soul message from his Itchi kinsmen, leading to a team of security personnel being dispatched to the community?

Well, we are no strangers to Ezea’s notoriety for crying that one governor or another was after his life. He falsely accused former Sullivan Chime of same. Today, it is the turn of Governor Ugwuanyi. If one may ask, does Ezea think that he becomes popular or wins any pity when he falsely and regrettably accuses governors of attempting to kill him? Our people know better than this about who is the violent person.
Our people know the person who hired thugs to beat up his own kinsmen whenever he contested elections, such that even old men slept in the bush to evade being manhandled.

Our people know the person whose contest for the governorship seat was only fought in his Igbo-Eze South local government area. Ideke only became a warrior in the LG headquarters, and would not even care about events in neighboring Councils.

Our people know that Chief Ideke was once arrested by soldiers at the LG headquarters in 2011 when he tried to disrupt the collation of results and was subsequently handed over to the police who promptly took the matter to court.

Again, when Chief Ezea laments the withdrawal of Distinguished Senator Ike Ekweremadu from the 2023 governorship election, you begin to wonder why he is so pained. Senator Ekweremadu took an honorable step and an APC chieftain is lamenting!!!

If Ideke says today that he did not go to court after the election against Governor Ugwuanyi because he (Ezea) listened to pleas from Nsukka elders not to do so, one is genuinely worried for Brother Okey. Is it possible that he has forgotten that he, indeed took the matter to court (tribunal)? Has he really forgotten or is something wrong somewhere?
He said he took neither money nor contract from Governor Ugwuanyi not to go to court or to get the matter out of court! Really? Hmmm!!!

In another breath, Nzeogwu (Ideke’s new title?) talked of the Governor’s participation in the 2023 elections and the development of Nsukka area. Wow!!! You can only but pity our brother, Chief Okey Ezea. These are tantrums from a serial election loser. Take heart, bro. Your time may still come.

If he does not see the monumental works done by the Governor in Nsukka land, then other millions who have no sight problems do. We see the many roads, hospitals across the seven cultural LGAs, stadium, teaching hospital (medical college at Igbo-Eno), youth empowerment, State civil service annex, judiciary complexes, appointment of Perm secs, etc. If Chief Ezea is blind to all these achievements, then we need to help our brother. Seriously!

In addition, when has Ezea become the spokesperson for Nd’Nska or Nsukka/Igbo-Eze South federal constituency? Why did he not pick the APC senatorial ticket if he considered himself capable of winning the poll? In any case, I believe the time for substitution is not yet over. Ideke can do well to get on the 2023 ballot and slug it out with Gburugburu.

My final take is that Chief Okey Ezea was simply being envious of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi. And this is lamentable. However, his heaps of lies will neither diminish nor affect the people’s appreciation of the outstanding job that the Governor has done in Nsukka land, as in other parts of the State.

My advice to the Governor is that he should not honor Ideke with a reply, and should tell his media aides not to do so. He must not dance naked in the street with his brother. Rather, Gburugburu should concentrate on the remaining eleven months of his reign during which he will surely do a lot for Ndi Enugu.
Do not be distracted Your Excellency!

Dom Okwor sent this piece from Enugu

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