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Yul Edochie under fire as he shares secret to a happy life (Video)

Popular Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, stirs mixed reactions as he shares the secret to living a happy a happy life.

The polygamist who is faced with backlash ever since he took a second wife continues to tip-top amidst endless attacks from trolls.

In a recent post via Instagram, Yul Edochie share a tip with his fans about the key to living a happy; one which he centered around being grateful.

“Always be grateful for what you have. If you keep looking at what you don’t have, you will never be happy. Be grateful for what you have, and be grateful for where you are and what you have achieved.

Coming from an unhappy man — Yul Edochie under fire as he shares secret to a happy life (Video)

I’m not saying you shouldn’t set goals for yourself or that you shouldn’t set targets. The fact that you’re still alive means that you’re winning even if you haven’t achieved much. A lot of people died yesterday, and a lot of people are dying at the moment. The fact that you have life means that you are winning,” Yul Edochie said.

Watch the video below …

See some reactions that followed …

its_ozioma: “How can an unhappy Man give me insights on how to be happy😂😂”

moraa_malaika: “I wish you would have appreciated the wife of your youth and stop quenching outside. You should have cherished and appreciated what you already had and cherish it. Anyway take your own advise.”

izzy_amara: “Anytime you dey May house, you go begin dey yarn dust. Visiting dad… Which day are we going to see you yarning for juju house?”

mildredbansah: “Be grateful and contented! We are waiting to hear you and May renewal of vows, i trust you to make things right and shame those who want to ruin you my dear. Be safe.”

reo_ndidi_nwaigwe: “You are you grateful that you went ahead to sign your death warrant to add to what you have because of long throat.”

hameedahadayi: “Yes always be grateful and be contented! If u have one wife and 4 beautiful children, be grateful, cherish them, love them, care for them. Don’t go seeking extra luggage outside. That’s plain greed! May God help us to be better.”

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