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You Say Tinubu Is Too Old But He And Joe Biden Are Within The Same Age

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An All Progressive Congress (APC), chieftain, Mike Msuaan has berated those who constantly question the age of the party’s presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Msuaan insisted that the age of the ruling party’s presidential candidate should not be a point of contention.

The politician, who is the APC Presidential Campaign Council’s Director of National Youth Mobilisation (North Central), compared his principal to the US President Joe Biden, adding the duo are within the same age group.

He opined that it is not the age of an individual that matters but what the person has upstairs.

He said; “The US president is as old as Tinubu. It’s not about age. It’s about what you have upstairs. Tinubu has the experience better than all of them.

“The right thing the president would do is to assemble the best hands for the country. He has been tested and trusted. He did it in Lagos and he is going to do it for Nigeria.”

Speaking further, the APC stalwart stated that he does not visualize the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, and Labour Party candidate, Peter Obi competing with Tinubu in the upcoming election.

He insisted that the presidential candidates in the opposition were of questionable character, hence they do not pose a threat to the APC flag bearer.

We didn’t see Asiwaju contesting with Atiku and Peter Obi. These are people with questionable character. We know what Atiku did to this country. He threw the youths of the North-Central and this country to the street.

“The privatisation exercise that he mishandled that drove the youths of this country to be jobless. Under Atiku as vice president, over $16 billion was invested (in electricity) and up to date, we are still in darkness. Is that the person that should rule us? Or are we talking of Peter Obi who has zero records in Anambra State?,” he added.

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