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“You never blow, you dey use accent”

Skit maker, Adesokan Emmanuel, better known as Shank Comics stirred hilarious comments from netizens after he shared a video that captured the moment he met a fan of his.

In the video, Shank shook hands with the guy before asking him what he does for a living. The lad went on to state that he’s into ‘online stuff’.

The comedian further asked him to list some social media platforms he has massive followers and he mentioned Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Shank Comics however interrupted as he threw a funny jab at him by saying “You never blow, you dey use accent, When I was like you I didn’t have accent.”

The statement however stirred humour amongst both of them as they laughed aloud. The guy proceeded to ask the skit maker to ‘help his life’.

Shank soon turned the encounter into a comic one after he asked the man to identify him and he judiciously described him as Shank. A funny Shank immediately switched identity as he claimed to be Robinhood who ‘steals from the rich to feed the poor.’

Watch the video below:

In reaction to the video, netizens left waggish remarks over the comedian’s nature of serving humour at every given opportunity.

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