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Why crocs are suddenly popular

Why crocs are suddenly popular

Who else has noticed that almost everyone now wear crocs?

Why the sudden popularity of crocs? Why has it become more trendy?

Many celebrities now have their own crocs line. The most popular among them is Justin Bieber.

Celebrities are such huge influencers, the fact that they started marketing crocs increased their popularity.

Let’s say you don’t want to look too serious by wearing sneakers, and you also don’t feel like wearing slippers, crocs offer you that intermediary casual comfort.

With Kanye West’s intergalactic shoes becoming a thing, it is no wonder that crocs followed suit. I guess it’s always nice to try something new and even though we were once appalled by these shoes we soon began to like them.

Nowadays, you can customize your crocs and add as many things that represent your personality on it. The process of customizing something adds a special effect to it and that makes many people want to get one.

Celebrities like Ariana Grande, Pharell, and Nicki Minaj began wearing crocs, and celebrities are the purveyor of what is cool and trendy.

There are crocs slippers, sandals and other varieties of crocs. The splash of colour and the different designs make you want to get one for yourself.

Even though some people are refusing to be trendy and vow that they’d rather be caught dead wearing crocs, it is still quite popular.

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