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‘We Don’t Need New Album To Sell Out Concert’


Nigerian award-winning singer, Peter Okoye, has replied Nigerians demanding a new album and pestering their music group ‘Psquare’ to rise above the old glory.

Naija News reports that Peter and his twin brother, Paul Okoye popularly called rudeboy reconciled in December 2021 after a longtime beef.

Before their fight, the duo gave Nigerians lovely memories, from ‘Do me, beautiful onyinye, chop my money, personally and many others.

However, since their reconciliation, some Nigerians have been on their neck, demanding another hit song from them and to stop living in their past glory.

However, following the success of their show in London, earlier this week, Peter took to his Twitter page to boast.

According to him, they do not need any new album to sell out their concert and aren’t competing with anyone in the music industry.

He added that they are just keen on making their fans happy irrespective of their numbers.

He tweeted: “I said what I said! We “PSQUARE” do not need any new album to sell out any concert! We are not competing with anybody! We are just enjoying ourselves and making our fans happy! Irrespective of their numbers! God bless all Psquare fans around the world!”

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