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Watch Orire Nwani’s ‘Naked Woman’ short film

Watch Orire Nwani’s ‘Naked Woman’ short film

Starring Ejovwoke Obas Olikuntuyi and Roberta Orioma who doubles as co-writer, the film follows an intense confrontation between a single mother and daughter.

The official synopsis reads:

Naked Woman follows the story of single mother Ufuoma, who after the difficulties she has gone through in life is somewhat bitter and scared about her daughter making the same mistakes.

The film opens to a confrontation between Ufuoma and Fejiro after Fejiro is dropped off at past midnight by a male stranger. A heated argument ensues when Ufuoma confronts Fejiro with a pregnancy kit she found in her belongings.

Their heated exchange force them to face the hard truth of their relationship and Ufuoma’s deep-seated trauma.

Naked Woman is directed by Orire Nwani, co-written by Vincho Nchogu and produced by Josh Olaoluwa. Cinematography is credited to Adeniyi ‘TAJ’ Joseph.

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