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VIDEO : Watch: World record-breaking drone display in Riyadh

A scannable QR code illuminates the night sky. The technological feat is the biggest of its kind ever achieved.

It marks the launch of Saudi Arabia’s first electric vehicle brand, Ceer. The company says the vehicles are scheduled to be available in 2025.

Over 1,300 drones have been launched simultaneously in the sky above Riyadh – breaking the Guinness World Record for the largest drone QR code. The code takes users to Ceer’s own website.

“They wanted to do something big for their launch. They wanted to kind of make a spectacle. So they decided to attempt a record with Guinness World Records, in order to kind of build a buzz around the launch of the brand,” Shaddy Gadd, Senior Marketing Manager, MENAT, Guinness World Records.

Temperatures in the Middle East have risen far quicker than the world’s average in the past three decades.

The Middle East is one of the most vulnerable regions in the world to the impact of climate change — and already the effects are being seen.

Summers in Saudi Arabia can reach sweltering temperatures. So the brand said it will customise vehicles with this in mind.

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