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UGOABATA: Anambra Must Stand Ruthlessly Firm Against Terror!

The unceasing attacks against Anambra confirm that the terrorist focused attacks on Anambra is a deliberate and calculated effort by non-Anambra Igbos to upturn and overthrow Anambra as the most commercially driven state in the SE.

Soludo should recognize this and cease pandering to these destructive elements! His wading into the Kanu affair and pyritizing the quest for his release is not a wise decision. That pathway leads to hell ; it will not lead to the de-escalation of terrorist pressure on Anambra, in fact will only achieve the direct opposite.

With the application of the Soludo “solution” to the Kanu situation which neither himself nor any Anambrarian brought about Soludo has merely fetched more ant infested firewood into his Anambra home.

Taking up the Kanu matter frontally is most misguided. For the enemy of Anambra it is a show of weakness ; as in every war situation when the enemy smells weakness, he will press home his advantage for victory by intensifying his effort.

Mbazulike Amaechi and Okwadike, both Anambrarian elders, took up the case of Kanu who is not from Anambra. Since then Ukpor, Mbazulike’s home town has come under a barrage of terrorist attacks; and as expected by the terrorist enemy Mbazulike had intensified his effort to get Kanu released. He feels under heavy pressure by the attacks on his hometown. This was easily predictable. And Soludo came lately into this unwise quest for Kanu’s release! Look where he got Anambra into!

The most Fulani friendly SE governor is Umahi in Ebonyi who has gone all out against the Biafran agitation but nobody is demonizing or attacking him, not Simon Ekpa whose governor he is. The way to go for Anambra is to present a façade of steel to terror and quit speaking the name Kanu in our government circle. He must be allowed to face the full wrath of the law; if he fails or succeeds then we all will see it.

Anambra must concentrate on facing down terrorism and criminality in the state. Much as Kanu is the symbol of criminal activities ( as every criminal drops his name ) in SE, he is no longer the head. There is Simon Ekpa and his foreign based gang and there are his home based strike force who enforce his dictates; these are the ones that demand the Anambra government focus not Kanu. Anambra must pressure the federal government into neutralizing these foreign based provocateurs of death and destruction.

I don’t know if other SE governors are now laughing at Soludo ( none before him has gone to visit Kanu, none has frontally taken up his case for release ) but he must learn a lesson from his missteps.

It is still early days for his government and he must pivot away from a thankless quest and focus all his government efforts to crushing terrorism in his state.
And he must desist from any promptings to go to Finland and beg Simon Ekpa to have mercy on him.


UGOABATA: A Renowned Social and Political Commentator.

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