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Ugoabata: A Peculiar Mess

I vehemently reject anything to do with the new Biafra agitation for it which I strongly believe is a scam for pecuniary gain ( proven by the way Raph Uwazuruike, Nnamdi Kanu, Simon Ekpa and co have conducted the agitation and the emphasis on money)

Biafra is not only unviable but Igbos will be net losers for it on any given scoreboard. The fake agitation had inflicted not only physical existential damage to Ndigbo but also an unquantifiable psychological damage that may last for generations.

All the above notwithstanding , I would still have been tolerant of the fake struggle if violence, extreme violence at that, had not been introduced into the scam by Nnamdi Kanu.
Without MASSOB, which was the original scam vehicle , there would have been no Kanu. But MASSOB did not peddle violence and so my attitude was to simply ignore Raph. I believed, as I still do, that anything false will peter out and get washed away. But once bloodshed is introduced into a scheme, the pains, agony and criminality keeps that scheme running, if not in real time, but in the psyche and memory of the victims.

Igbos are in that position now where they go can neither go forward nor retreat without great difficulty. The Yorubas are a lot better off than the Igbos. A lot smarter. It’s still honorable for top Yoruba persons to be seen with Igboho who never turned to insults and diatribe against their leaders and the Yoruba nation, who never turned to violence against the Yoruba people.

To be seen with Kanu immediately conjures up questions – is it for personal political reasons ( example: Ifeanyi Uba etc) is it a demonstration of support for extreme violence being visited against Igbos who are Kanu’s primary target for elimination , is it out of cowardice or senility or poor judgment or wrong assessment of impact of the Kanu factor …? Being seen with Kanu creates doubt regarding the motives of those who put themselves in that position.
It’s a peculiar mess.

Written by Ugoabata: A Renowned Political & Social Commentator

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