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Tinubu says those mocking him over health status ignorant, empty brain

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The former Lagos state Governor has reiterated his stance that being a Nigerian President requires intelligence and smartness rather than strength and physical fitness.

The presidential hopeful said for Nigeria to overcome the numerous problems confronting it, more emphasis needs to be placed on intellectual capacity and competence.

Tinubu said this during his meeting with APC delegates in Minna, Niger state on Friday, May 13, 2022.

“President’s job is not to climb mountain, a wrestling match, or carry concrete; it is to think and perform with his brain.”

“We are not looking for WWE wrestling fighter; we are looking for a thinker to provide security for us; we are looking for a doer who will look at economic opportunities and turn it around to prosperity,” he stated.

The APC frontline aspirant told the delegates that the people hurling abuse at him over his health status can’t even match his level of intellect.

Tinubu said, “They don’t have my brain but they abuse me every day, ‘E no well, leg dey pain am, e go Mecca go do Tawafi.’ None of them has a medical certificate but I have.

“They have empty brains and have nothing to say rather than insult me but I leave them to their blindness and ignorance.”

He said his track records as the governor of Lagos state stood him out among all the other aspirants and vowed to replicate that if he’s elected as the president of Nigeria.

“I know the road to prosperity, safety, clean environment, development of our nation and infrastructure because I have done it all in Lagos state and I can do it again.

“The others do not know the road, don’t follow them. The only person you should follow is the person who knows the road. Follow me, I know the road and I will not mislead you. They do not have my brains but I do have enough brains.”

Continuing, he asked, “Where is their track record? How many councillors, local government chairmen and chairperson, members of House of Assemblies, House of Representatives or senators have they produced? I have produced them.”

The APC presidential primary has been fixed for the end of May and over 20 aspirants will jostle for the ticket.

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