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Throwback: Remembering Funke Akindele’s Apaadi

Throwback: Remembering Funke Akindele's Apaadi

The film was nominated in the 2009 African Movie Academy Awards in the “best film in an African language” and “achievement in costume” categories, and Femi Adebayo was nominated for best supporting actor for his performance.

Looking back now, Apaadi may not have necessarily enjoyed the most appealing visual aesthetics but the plot is fantastic!

The story revolves around a crown prince who is a bully and does not respect the elders. He goes around town wrecking havoc and causal to this, he mistakenly kills the only daughter of an old woman.

Distraught, the woman curses him by throwing seven pieces of a broken pot in seven different places. It then falls on seven princesses to go and break the curse placed on the crown prince.

The princesses have to leave the safe haven of the palace and venture out past the borders of the kingdom into the forbidden forest and face all sorts of mythical beings in order to free the crown prince from his curse

Growing up, this was one of the movies that we regarded as a breath of fresh air in an industry riddled with cliche witches and wizard stories. Apaadi brought another dimension to storytelling in home videos.

Catch a glimpse of the film here:

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