This is Bae YuJin, A Beautiful Korean-Nigerian Actress And Model Currently Making Waves (Pictures)

A beautiful Korean actress has caught the eyes of many Nigerians and this is especially because she is Nigerian.

Nigerians love their Korean movies, this is especially because of the never-ending romance plot stories and their exceptionally good-looking actors and actress which keeps one glued to the screen for hours not to mention their amazing dress sense.

It is quite rare to visit a Nigerian family with youngsters without one of them being a lover of K-drama.

In 2014, the director of the Korean Cultural Centre Nigeria, Mr. Kwon Yong Ik, disclosed that the Nigerian market accounts for the majority of Korean movie exports.

So it is quite amazing to have a Korean- Nigerian actress who is making leaps and bounds in the k-drama industry.

Her name is Bae YuJin. Yujin is born to a Nigerian father and a Korean mother. She was born on Apr. 30, 2002, and is currently 19 years old.

She grew up in Itaewon, Seoul. She was brought to the spotlight in the movie industry after she got a supporting role in the movie “The Moment The Heart Shines” before then she was a popular model.

She is 176cm and has done multiple shows during Seoul Fashion Week.

View her pictures below.

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