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These 5 aso-ebi styles are trending

These 5 aso-ebi styles are trending

Every year has its trends, what have been the most popular aso-ebi styles so far?

Here are the popular wedding party styles;

There is hardly any wedding where you won’t see the bride or guest corseted and tied up at the back.

Corsets give stomach definition and add fitting but not every tailor can pull it off, so be careful the tailor you ask to make it for you.

Many wedding guests and brides are moving away from the infinite step gele or fan gele and going for the side rose, middle pleated or side-twisted fan style.

Some are even turning their geles to hats and hairbands.

Tailors and designers are favouring cut-outs to make dresses.

They start with a underlay and sew cut-outs of fabrics or stones into the dress. This enables the designer to use stones, lace, fabrics to create different designs on the dress.

Whether you are the bride or an aso-ebi lady, the trendy look now is to have a long flowing train behind you.

More and more we are seeing celebrities have one or two spiral stiff sleeves, it makes the outfit look architectural.

2022 is turning out to be an interesting year with many weddings happening and more to come. We are going to be on the lookout for the trendy styles.

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