The perfect gym wears for women

If you are going to the gym, a run or for yoga, you do not have you looking like a slob.

One important item for your gym experience is a sports bra no matter the size of your breasts they need support when exercising.

Always looking chic to the gym will do wonders for your self-esteem. It will motivate you to work out more and even go to the gym in the first place.

Well, everything will depend on the weather. If you are going out for a morning run, then you want to be well covered.

Buy mesh, spandex and polyester long-sleeved sweatshirts and pants. Cotton fabric does not absorb sweat well. You do not want to be jogging and feel drenched with sweat.

If it is a sunny day or you are going for yoga, you also need to wear stretchable clothes as it involves a lot of body movement. A tank top or a sports bra and biker shorts is perfect.

You can also wear tennis shorts or shorts and a tank top for a fun time exercising.

Finally, try to get matching sets because they look better.

Always use running shoes. They should be comfortable, long lasting and supportive.

There is a difference between sneakers and running shoes. Some shoes such as chunky sneakers are quite uncomfortable and others will get spoilt if you use them for strenous exercise.(

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