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TG Omori slams Daniel Regha over Kizz Daniel’s ‘Buga’ video

TG Omori slams Daniel Regha over Kizz Daniel's 'Buga' video

“Kizz Daniel’s ‘Buga’ ft Tekno is dope but TG Omori could have done a better job with the music video; Cos the video lacked the energy the song carries. Furthermore, it was only centered on Nigeria which is a flaw since the whole idea was to promote inclusion and diversity. No Offence.” Daniel Regha expressed exhausting all of Twitter’s 140 characters.

TG Omori very much took offense and he gave Daniel Regha a piece of his mind.

“Son of man who can’t put together a proper look for himself wants to teach us how to shoot a video. Brother you lie.” TG Omori replied taking a swipe at the influencer.

Since he joined Twitter, Daniel Regha has made himself into a sort of Twitter resident Dr. Phil, Steve Harvey, Wendy Williams, Pierce Morgan, Kemi Olunloyo, Mufti Munk, the Dalai Lama, and the Pope all rolled into one. Nothing and no one is safe from his pontification.

TG Omori isn’t the first celebrity whom Daniel Regha will criticize his work or offer some unsolicited advice. It’s unlikely that TG Omori’s severe indictment of Daniel Regha’s fashion sense will deter him from taking the liberty to comment on his future projects.

At any rate, Kizz Daniel & Tekno’s ‘Buga’ video which is the subject of the disagreement is the biggest winner from the Twitter faceoff.

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