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Ngozi Ezeonu’s ‘BOMB’
Nollywood star Ngozi Ezeonu should be told that the word ‘bomb’ is always pronounced with the ‘b’ at the end silent. What is T4T saying sef, aunty Ngo should by know better an.

But Ezeonu in the Nollywood movie titled Helpless Marriage, T4T saw on Wednesday night, proudly pronounced bomb with the last ‘b’ very heavy. Well, even if aunty Ngozi does not know, Ugezu J Ugezu, the SUPER Director and actor reputed to always write the longest scripts in the movie industry (Ugezu’ films can last for five hours, minimum), who directed the flick, should know.

Well, for a change, DSTV showed a 2021 movie, that had not happened in a long while. We are getting there!

State Of Sanwo Olu’s BRT buses, And LASTMA (2)
LAST week, T4T wrote about the decay that is gradually creeping into the Lagos State bus transport operations popularly called BRT. Little did he know that the worse awaited him at the Ikorodu Bus Terminal. 

T4T left Mainland Lagos from the Barracks bus stop on Wednesday. The next day, things took a different turn and was delayed till about 7.40 pm before getting to the bus terminal in Ikorodu. It was as dark as hell at that time of the night and one wondered why a busy terminal of that size would not be lit up! It was so dark that anyone not familiar with where to board his bus to his destination would surely grope or ask people whose faces you can’t see. 

The bus attendants were holding mobile phones with torchlights, which they use to navigate their way around. Come on na, what does it take to install solar lights if using a generator occasioned by the rising cost of diesel would be too much a burden on an already yoke laden government?

And one other thing, the television sets in the buses are no longer working. The stop buttons a passenger will press to indicate his or her bus stop are all dead, so now, Lagosians who are used to the Molue and Danfo have reverted to the familiar “Driver, owa o” or “I wan drop o”, if you don’t speak Yoruba. This is very disappointing!

Governor Sanwo Olu,  again, T4T is calling on you, don’t let the BRT you inherited die on your watch!

What Was The Police Spokesman Saying?
POLICE Public Relations Officer, PRO set the Social Media on fire when he posted on Twitter early in the week that Nigerians risk jail term if they retaliate when a policeman slaps or assaults them.

This statement came on the wake of the video that surfaced online where two young men were seen dragging a policeman’s AK 47 rifle in a bid to disarm him for allegedly taking one of the boy’s mobile phones. 

And so the police mouthpiece got miffed and warned Nigerians never to dare slap an officer who slapped them or else… that statement will go down in history as one of the most reckless statements ever to come from a police spokesman! 

What one expected to hear from a man in that position was advise the public and his men not to assault civilians in the line of duty. But now, he inadvertently had given his policemen on different roadblocks extorting Nigerians a free meal ticket to slap us join the extortion as nobody would dare to respond.

Why would a policeman slap someone in the first place that will necessitate revenge? One common reason why policemen slap civilians in Nigeria, especially young men who automatically are ‘yahoo’ (Internet fraudster) boys in the eyes of an average policeman, is when they ask for their phones or laptops and the Inspector General of Police had severally warned his men not to check phones of people on the road as they need a court order to do that, but dem gree hear?

Oga PRO, let us assume that was a slip, because some of us know you to be a thoroughbred professional. And the fact that a day after, he actually came back to say he was misinterpreted (they all say that after a slip) as if we nor sabi English again.

Anyway sha, policemen on patrol and roadblocks, una oga don give una licence to slap anybody wey dare to ask una simple question. Ride on.

LASTMA’s New ‘Assignment’
A video surfaced online about two days ago where a LASTMA official was seen telling a young man to get down from a commercial vehicle because he was a suspected ‘Yahoo’ boy.

The transport agency official was so serious; he was actually recording the ‘suspect’ and ordering him to step out of the vehicle. At first, T4T wanted to laugh, but from the way the fella was serious, anyone watching would no longer be amused because there is a grave danger coming to all of us that may later give birth to another #EndLASTMA riotsp because that was how the disbanded SARS started.

What did that LASTMA official smoke that day? How did he finish his job of directing traffic in Lagos of all places that he became so idle and started looking for ‘yahoo’ boys? Are the police on break?

If the LASTMA boss is reading this now, he needs to organise a fresh training seminar to tell boys their real job.

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