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Star Signs: How to love a Leo

Star Signs: How to love a Leo

Because they are so friendly, many people may be led on by their flirtatious nature.

Leos are such great matches with Libras and Aries, but they are also boisterous and fun.

Though it takes them a while to fall in love and be committed once they do, they are all in.

Pump her with compliments

Every woman loves to be complimented, but Leo women more. Tell her over and over again, the things you love about her but physical attributes and her character too. Show her off to your family and friends.

Be prepared for her tantrums

Leo women can be quite hot-tempered. When they get angry, don’t try to talk them out of it. Leave them for a bit and apologize if you need to.

Don’t bore a Leo woman by being too serious and stuck up, she loves to play. So, indulge her in some good fun and excitement.

Leo women want to feel like they are the centre of your world, Listen to her and be concerned about the things she cares about.

Here’s how to love a Leo man

Hold their hands, kiss them in public, post them on social media, Leos love all of that.

Leos love physical touch and have a high libido

If you are dating a Leo man, get set for a whole lot of touching. They love to be touched and cuddled. They also love to get freaky in bed, so be prepared for that.

This may come off as materialistic, but they are focused on the good things in life. They would rather surround themselves with luxury and the best things. Don’t be a cheapskate around a Leo.

Leos value honesty and loyalty above all else since they are loyal themselves.

Leos love to be praised and adored, don’t be so harsh with your criticism, let him know the things he is doing right.

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