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Six signs that you are a hopeless romantic

Six signs that you are a hopeless romantic

That is why we are going to give you six signs to identify if you are a hopeless romantic or not.

Breakup coach, yes there is such a thing, Kendra Allen say hopeless romantics are carried along by the strong tide of the love their experiencing and tend to “fly right past glaring red flags.” They thus overlook warning signs or potential issues until they start seeing red whenever they are with their partners because they simply can’t stop quarrelling.

At times, we are drawn to the idea of our partner and not the partner themselves. This is seen when one starts developing strong feels of attachment even before the first date is over. This fast love usually comes from somebody relating a lover to a missing piece in their grand notion of love. Sure, the person is funny, agreeable and has great teeth. But you shouldn’t be hearing wedding bells because of this alone. If you do, then you’re a hopeless romantic.

You know you are cruising fast into fantasy land, according to Love Coach (yes, it is a thing), Shanta Jackson: “If you have your wedding planned, how you want everything to be, and are just waiting to *insert partner*. If this is the case, you’re a textbook hopeless romantic.

Hopeless romantics somehow always end up in toxic relationships. “This is because the beginning of a toxic relationship often involves love bombing,” Allen says. “It feels like a dream at the start and isn’t until later that the reality of the other person sets in.”

A good relationship should be a two-way street, 50-50. However, if it is 60-40 or 70-30 with your partner wanting the hyphen between those numbers while you are ready to compromise. It means you do the heavy lifting in this relationship because that’s what hopeless romantics do. Yeah, if you’re in a one-sided relationship and seem to be making excuses for it being “lovely”. Then, you’re a hopeless romantic.

Hopeless romantics live and breathe their love. “They tend to invest everything into the person they’re dating,” Allen says. “To the point where they start to neglect their friends and even their own interests or hobbies.” You are always chasing an emotional high, that’s why you crash to the low point of a breakup in the end.

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