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She sprays me water whenever I’m sleeping claiming it’s holy water, divorce-seeking man tells court

34-year-old man in court for allegedly attempting to strangle mother

“My wife does not see me as her husband; she has no regard for me and does things at her own will.

”In all the houses we have lived in, we have never lasted for one year; it’s only this recent one that we have stayed for six years.

“Whenever I’m sleeping, she will spray me with water, claiming it is holy water; she has fought with all her children and my sister.

”In fact, she has chased my children out; they once called for peace but she told them she was not interested, as she does not have any husband. I want a divorce”, he said.

The respondent, Mrs Ijeoma Okuwewuna, said that her husband was short tempered that he got irritated with everything.

“His children from his previous marriage always disrespect me. At a time, one of them was very sick and I nursed him back to life.

”Despite my efforts, he still used a lamp to hit me when he saw me and my husband quarrelling.

“His children always cause fights between us. Also, our frequent fights stem from the fact that I have no child for him. So, everything I do or say gets him infuriated,” she told the court.

Okuwewuna further alleged that her husband was also fond of calling her “ashewo” (prostitute), adding: ”this is someone that I’m married to.

”He knew his people performed a rite on me which automatically stops me from having anything intimate with any other man beside my husband.

“I want the court to plead with my husband to simply change his ways and start taking good care of me.

”If I open my clothes, you will see my torn underwear; every of my panties has holes,” she said.

The respondent also said that her husband had stopped her from working since they got married, adding that he had also refused to set up any business for her nor catered for her needs.

“My husband is also used to drinking himself to stupor,” Okuwewuna said.

She also added that her husband had, on several occasions, beaten her, stating how he used a key to stab her on her right eye, thus causing her to bleed profusely.

The Court President, Mr Adeniyi Koledoye, adjourned the case till Aug. 18 for judgment.

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