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Saraki promises to reverse brain drain in Nigeria

2023: Why I want to be Nigerian president - Saraki

He promised to develop targeted incentives that will motivate professionals to remain in the country.

Saraki made this known on Thursday, May 12 2022 during his ‘Presidential Media Parley’ event in Abuja where he intimated the public about the plans he has for the country in the event that he is elected.

During his speech at the event, Saraki said in part, “The moment our professionals still relocate to other countries to find fulfilment, then our job is not done and this is why I want to be the President. I will be the bridge between the private and public sector. I will be the bridge between the young and the old. I can do it.

“My portfolio experience at the executive level and the highest legislative institution have prepared me for this job. I will implement my plans with courage and conviction. We never lacked ideas in this country.

“We can be the generation that commits to building the country on the principle of equal opportunity to everyone and deliberate about policies that promote inclusion of women and the youths as well as people living with disabilities.”

“I will invest massively in skills such as programming, cloud computing, data analytics and all such in-demand skills to drive innovation,” he further explained.

The former lawmaker also spoke about Nigeria’s economy, explaining how he plans to help the country permanently overcome its vulnerability to the fluctuating oil prices that have become an enduring feature in the country.

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