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Pulse Review: This is a review of Magixx’s second EP ‘Atom’

Pulse Review: This is a review of Magixx's second EP 'Atom'

An artist with an elastic talent, Magixx wants to establish himself as an Afrobeats superstar with the ability to make music with a street-level appeal. The four-track ‘Atom’ EP combines catchy lyrics, bouncy beats, and simple delivery which are the hallmark of a typical Afrobeat hit.

The choice of pidgin in ‘All Over’, its simple delivery, and its street relatable slang capture a desire to create music that’s stripped of the cool kid appeal that characterizes his debut EP.

Similarly, ‘Shaye’ follows the template of songs that have enjoyed success and patronage in 2022. it’s an Amapiano single with simple verses perfectly split by a catchy chorus, and spiced by crowd vocals.

Nigerian artists tend to trapeze on a new sound whenever they feel the desire to display range. Magixx intends to use his debut EP to showcase other aspects of his talent and he turns to Afrobeat to drive home this point. ‘Weekenjoyment’ is an Afrobeat song that thrives on simple writing and classic Afrobeat adlibs.

‘Duro’ brings to mind Sean Tizzle‘s unique easy flows and catchy Yoruba chorus aided with talking drums and percussion to create an enjoyable love tune that also doubles as a party jam.

‘Atom’ EP combines Afrobeat, street hop, and highlife elements to offer listeners another offering of Magixx’s elastic talent.

The four-track EP offers simple and relatable subjects of love and fun conveyed through music crafted to appeal to the audience.

The album sequencing, production, and sound engineering aided Magixx in offering the listeners another dimension of his talent.

Overall, ‘Atom’ EP is a template project with a great selection of songs that make its patronizing elements negligible.

Songwriting, Themes, and Delivery: 1.6/2

Enjoyability and Satisfaction: 1.6/2

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