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Peter Obi visits Femi Kuti days after singer rejected Obidient tag

Peter Obi visits Femi Kuti days after singer rejected Obidient tag

According to a video that surfaced online on Wednesday, August 17, 2022, the former Anambra State Governor was seen making a pledge to the singer that his ‘Obidient Movement’ will base its campaign on issues rather than personality attacks.

The term, Obidient, has become the identity tag of supporters of the Labour Party candidate.

Obi’s words: “I saw what my own brother, Femi, tweeted and I said no! that is not what the future and the society we want to build.

“We will lead a campaign based on issues that affect Nigerians and that is what I encourage everybody to do,” he said while addressing Femi in the video clip.

Why is this important: While the details of the meeting is still unknown, it may not be unconnected to the recent online clash between the veteran singer and Obi’s supporters.

Reports had emerged that the legendary saxophonist allegedly described Obidients as “zombies.”

An online publication quoted Kuti to have said, “How can you be Obidient in this chaos? I am not Obidient. Tell me, at 60, why am I Obidient? You said I should be Obidient, sit down, be peaceful.

Are you all okay in this country?,” the musician allegedly said during a performance at the Shrine Thursday night.

Kuti clears the air: However, after a flurry of attacks against him by Obi supporters, the five-time grammy award nominee was forced to fault the claims, saying he was misquoted and never used the world “zombies” to describe the supporters.

In a series of Tweets on Friday, August 12, 2022, Kuti said, “You are such liars. Of what benefit is it to the people when you take my words out of context like this?

“I said I’m too angry at my age to be obedient. Expressing I do not like the ‘term’. But if Peter Obi wins and actually changes the country better for all of us

“How you all come up with fabricated lies beats me. But why all the lies? You heard me endorse him or ever anyone? Mr Mc lie lie. Yes and where did I called the youths zombies? I AM NOT BAT.”

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