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Performance of DJ Caise and DJ Whales at the Big Brother S7 Saturday Party

Performance of DJ Caise and DJ Whales at the Big Brother S7 Saturday Party

Straight to Business: DJ Caise and DJ Whales didn’t waste time in getting straight to business as they didn’t bother with the ceremonial task of warming up the housemates.

In the first thirty seconds, the DJs already threw 2022 hit record ‘Buga’ into the mix and quickly followed it up with the trending song ‘Machala’. From there, it was a mix of hit singles such as ‘Sungba’, ‘Holy Father’, ‘PBHU’, ‘Gaga Crazy’, and the other usual suspects as they tried to set the rhythm and pace for the Night.

Positives: The DJs included some indigenous songs on the set list as they took the party to the South East with songs from Umu Obiligo, Flavor, Phyno, and Queen Theresa. The 90s also featured on the set with Sir Shina Peters ‘Shinamania’ evoking some nostalgia.

But this was about all the positive I could find from the set which quickly descended into chaos.

Things Fall Apart: The DJs set soon fell into chaos as they helplessly struggled with their transition. The DJs began switching from recent hits to old hits to club bangers to Amapiano back to street hop without sustaining a rhythm and a BPM long enough to set the tone and pace for the party.

The set only got worst as the erratic transitioning continued with the setlist looking like a playlist put together by two blood-sworn enemies determined to disrupt each other’s rhythm.

To be honest, credit must be given to the housemates who turned up and gave the viewers a show despite the musical warfare the DJs waged for two hours.

The DJ Caise and DJ Whales’ performances also made a very important case for alcohol at parties because it surely took some good amount of alcohol to get through the night.

The night was just one tedious performance where the DJ inexplicably struggled to execute simple tasks such as getting a decent set list, transitioning like a semi-professional, and sustaining a tempo like an actual DJ.

It was impossible to tell which DJ was playing at any given point not because they were in sync but because they were both poor. The performance was chaotic and unsatisfactory. Big Brother could have spared us the troubles and turned off the power.

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