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PDP’ll fix 23 years of APC-led misrule of Lagos, says Funke Akindele

The Lagos PDP deputy governorship candidate, Funke Akindele, says she joined politics to fix Lagos, with nothing to show for the 23 years since Bola Tinubu and other governors led the State from 1999.

Ms Akindele pledged that a PDP-led government would recognise women and provide healthcare, education, transportation and other amenities for the people if elected in 2023.

“We don’t want to breed illiterates, and we want our children to be better than us,” she said. “We have been under the current party for 23 years with nothing to show for it. Our hospitals are not well equipped, and our roads are so bad, and flood is wreaking havoc in our communities.”

Ms Akindele, in her ongoing grassroots engagement with residents of the Eleko Community, Ibeju-Lekki, said she decided to be part of the race to save the state from “bad governance.”

“Nobody is happy with what is happening in Lagos State at the moment. If people fail to find solutions to it, things will soon go very bad,” she said.

 The famous actress added, “This was why I joined the governorship candidate of the PDP in the state, Dr Abdul-Azeez Olajide Adediran, aka Jandor, so that we can repair the state.”

According to her, the PDP governorship candidate came from a humble background and used to wear torn uniforms, hence he understood the plights of the ordinary people.

“They (the APC-led government) banned Okada (commercial motorcycles) without finding out how the people would survive. They ought to regulate your activities rather than coming up with all forms of ticketing.

“We will regulate your activities and put proper structures in place. We will empower the youths after training them. We will take care of widows by giving them empowerment and loans. What are we doing for our fathers too,” she said.

A former chairman of the party in the area, Olusola Eruobodo, said at the event that the people in the area were ready to vote for all PDP candidates.

He said that the community had not been connected to electricity for over 12 years.

“We want a government that will take care of us,” Mr Eruobodo said.


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