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Nigerians need well-educated leaders, not me-first politicians: Pastor Ighodalo

The senior pastor of Trinity House Church, Ituah Ighodalo, has called on Nigerians to vote for well-educated leaders who “think least of themselves.”

Mr Ighodalo stated this during the fifth edition of the ‘One Man Art Conference’, organised by Bolaji Akinyemi, a former minister under military dictator Ibrahim Babangida, in Lagos.

According to the pastor, Nigeria is in a critical condition, with its citizens faced with various choices of leaders.

He urged Nigerians to evaluate properly before casting their ballots.

“We need leaders who think least of themselves, not interested in wealth acquisition but are well educated, informed and intelligent,” the clergyman stated. “Above all, they must be leaders with the fear of God and with these qualities, such leaders will be able to make remarkable impacts on the nation.”

Mr Ighodalo noted that Nigeria was known as a country with great resources and claimed that Nigerians did not have a genuine love for their nation.

He said Nigerians must go through some reorientation processes to come up with a change of approach to how things are done and be truly patriotic.

“I want to tell the naysayers that Nigeria will rise again. Though there had been crises, those were sacrifices for the eventual good of the nation. I am concerned about the depreciation in the quality of life here in the country,” Mr Ighodalo added. “To change things, we need reorientation and total change of approach to everything we do. We need to reawaken ourselves to be selfless for the collective good of the nation.”

Mr Akinyemi, the event’s convener, urged church leadership in Nigeria to take politics seriously and desist from exhibiting an attitude of indolence to issues.

“I am amused at how ignorant the leadership of the church are or are pretending to be as Christians against the backdrop of obvious onslaught of hell targeted at our faith,” stated Mr Akinyemi. “It is time we all rise to unanimously pick credible leaders that are detribalised.”

Source: Peoples Gazette

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