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Nigeria: Top 10 Quotes On Inibehe Effiong’s Incarceration

The human rights lawyer, Inibehe Effiong, was released from Uyo prisons around 8 a.m. on Friday, 26 August, after being jailed for 30 days by the Akwa Ibom State Chief Judge, Ekaette Obot, for alleged contempt of court.

“Political cases are gradually standing on the head of the Rule of Law.”

Akwa Ibom State-based lawyer, Chris Umana (Source: Facebook)

“Inibehe is a victim of criminal justice system, and the system itself is the criminal.”

A public speaker and Lagos-based retired lawyer, Dele Farotimi (Source: Facebook)

“Inibehe is a courageous, vigorous and brilliant advocate who is destined to become a phenomenon in Nigeria’s legal profession.”

Human rights lawyer, Chidi Odinkalu (Source: Vanguard newspaper)

“One thing with injustice is that it can always come to anyone one day.”

Undergraduate student of University of Calabar, Mike Odenigbo (Source: Facebook)

“Sentencing without trial is definitely not welcome under the Nigerian Criminal Justice System as it emblems an exercise of arbitrariness and a slap on the hallowed concept of Rule of Law.”

Human rights lawyer, Pelumi Olajengbesi (Source: TheCable)

“Metaphorically, an unjust judge is more harmful to the society than a man who runs amok with a dagger in a crowded street. The latter as you know can be restrained physically, but the former deliberately destroys the moral foundation of the society and causes incalculable distress to individuals, while still answering honourable.”