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More than half of Nigerian students experienced cyberbullying

More than half of Nigerian students experienced cyberbullying

After signing up for any social media network, check your preset settings and tweak them to better protect your privacy. In most cases, users are unaware of how much they actually share with others and with social media companies.

For example, you can prevent your contacts from finding you on Instagram by removing your contact number on your profile and disabling Similar Account Suggestions. Familiarize yourself with how your data is being collected and what other purposes it may be used for.

While it’s great for keeping up with friends and family, social media can sometimes perpetuate feelings of insecurity and might sometimes endorse unhealthy behaviors. Depending on who you follow, the people you see might see could urge and influence you to set unrealistic lifestyle goals that might be toxic.

To help with this, surround yourself with people and accounts that bring positive influence to your life and encourage you to become a better version of yourself. Check the list of accounts you follow and delete or unfollow those that make you feel less.

Even though the current online environment urges people to post everything from what they had for breakfast to their most intimate moments, don’t feel pressured to follow these trends if you’re uncomfortable. Strive to influence others positively, and share only those moments you find beneficial to others. Before posting anything, ask yourself, “What sort of impact does my post have on others?”

When attacked on social media, people have the urge to defend themselves, and they often overlook the futility of their efforts. Bullies seek attention, and they’re trying to provoke their victims into reacting and getting tangled up in an argument. Regardless of how strong your urge to respond gets, try to calm yourself down and simply ignore the message.

Luckily, all social media platforms have the blocking feature. If someone has been harassing you, don’t hesitate to block them and report their account by using the Report option. If you don’t know how to handle the situation, openly talk to someone you trust and express how you feel.

Sharing your situation with others and learning how to express your feelings can have an immensely positive effect on your mental health. Also, it’s equally important to report bullying, even if it’s not directed at you. Not everyone is equally adapted to handle bullying situations, so, don’t hesitate to stick up for someone who may need your help.

If the bullying persists and gets to a more threatening level, file a police report. However, before taking the next step, ensure you’ve prepared all necessary evidence that could help you in court. Reach out to a legal expert for advice on adequately storing incriminating messages because illegally and incorrectly acquired evidence will be deemed tainted and unusable in court.

When asked to suggest strategies to prevent cyberbullying, 73% of students from the abovementioned study listed cyberbullying education as a beneficial solution, while 40% emphasized the importance of punishing the bullies. To start, use our advice to amp up your cyberbullying protection strategy and always report harassment when you see it.

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