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Mood Board: How to make your pre-wedding pictures phenomenal

Mood Board: How to make your pre-wedding pictures phenomenal

There have been some recent hilarious pre-wedding pictures. There is one where the woman was holding her husband to be by the neck.

Your picture is always as good as the background. Take pictures behind trees, clean and clear spaces like a lobby, an empty parking lot or, a field with a clear blue sky and, a brown backdrop.

Please no matching t-shirts with cheesy captions. One couple had even had ‘my atm’ and ‘my cook’ on it. Please, no.

Here is a go-to, a clean white shirt, jacket and trousers and the lady wears a silk slip dress.

You can choose casual attires but you don’t have to look like you are going to the sitting room. Hoodies and jeans are always good ideas. Native attires always make sense.

Colour coordination is also important. It makes no sense if you both are wearing black. Pair white with anything, try two different tones of blue, yellow and tan, purple and pink, and compliment each other.

The best pictures have a genuineness or goofiness about them. Don’t do something outlandish like holding them by the neck.

A genuine picture is also a win. Think of what captures your relationship, is it friendship or passion? Playing? Intellectual conversations? Then, try to capture it reasonably.

Simplifying your makeup is the most important thing in all your wedding plans.

No matter what you do, make sure your makeup artist is not a foundation enthusiast. The less, the better.

Make sure she is not a contour champion, you want to look as natural as possible.

Your wedding photos are an integral part of your wedding. Take the photographer seriously. Don’t let you photographer be Hakeem from down the road, except he is exceptional. Research one of the best photographers around and create a memory of a lifetime.

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