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Maxwell Obika: The true enemies of the South-East – A need to be cautious

Nigerians, both elites and uninformed have lost the essence of Government appointment into public Offices. A better percentage of the populace see appointments as an opportunity to partake in the looting spree as instituted by the past administrations.

The relations of the appointee, both immediate and extended offers Thanksgiving to God, one of their own is remembered. Various families who traces their relationship to the appointee through one link or the other will surreptitiously start reviving the relationship which ordinarily had gone comatose or dead.

This comes by way of sending some of their children to assist in any domestic chores unsolicited. Through that means, the children may gradually relocate to the residence of the NEW MAYOR in town, thereby expanding his domestic responsibilities. This circumstance eqaully goes to the village, Community, Church etc.

These are the primary causes of kleptomania in public Offices.
During the 16years of PDP rule in Nigeria, South Easterners were appointed into various plum and juicy Offices within the MDAs, Chairmen and membership of Federal Boards and parastatals. Due to the recklessness of the government of the time, too many leakages and looting spree were in vogue. Probably, they lost the mind of the fact that change is inevitable and a constant variable.

All these years of surplus, nothing was attracted to the South East. The Geopolitical zone witnessed gross infrastructural deficit. Non of the looted funds were invested locally. They were more interested in capital flight.

The 16years of PDP administration were wasted years for the South Easterners. All the statutory and Excess Crude Allocations shared among the States and Local governments were all ferried abroad. They were the best of friends of the Leader of the secessionist group IPOB. Nnamdi Kanu was mingling with Senator Andy Uba, His Excellency Hope Uzodinma and Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe. All PDP Chieftains then. Little did they realise the risk of riding on a tiger’s back.

When God took a decision to redirect the affairs of Nigeria for prosperity, He introduced ALL PROGRESSIVES CONGRESS (APC) through Senator Ahmed Tinubu, Ogbonnia Onu, Rochas Okorocha and President, Mohammadu Buhari leading the legacy parties. God’s verdict became manifest on the 29th of May 2015 via people’s mandate for President, Mohammadu Buhari to sail Nigeria out of the troubled waters of delusion, cluelessness and kleptomania.
As soon as the ENEMIES of the South East were thrown out of power, they felt a depth of pains down their spines.

They resorted to blackmail, mudslinging, slander and the likes. They all moved down home with all sorts of propaganda, garnished with excessive hatred and animosity. Being a class, people were looking up to, due to their opulence and position in the society, they became opinion moulders, the guardian class within the Zone.

APC members, the President and the entire administration were labelled with all sorts of atrocious, derogatory, defamatory and denigrating names. Every APC member was called “BOKO HARAM”. His Excellency, Senator Rochas Okorocha was known as ” OKORO AWUSA” and so on.

The Easterners were brainwashed that they were denied appointments but to the best of my knowledge, no statutory appointment meant for the South East by the Constitution was denied. The rest was the prerogative of the President depending on the performance of each area during elections. The anger of losing power was then translated into hatred for APC members, the President, Mohammadu Buhari and by extension, the Fulani tribe. The Terror group in the South East became their instruments of attack on the Fulani herdsmen in the various forests and bushes within the Zone owing to an orchestrated allegations of malicious damage on farmlands.

At a point, you hear of Fulani agenda of Islamizing Nigeria. The propaganda are enormous. These are people that have been with us for so many decades without rancour.

One thing is to initiate a crisis, another is to quell it. The situation has so escalated that the Falcon can no longer hear the Falconer. The same PDP Men are streaming into APC now, fermenting all manner of problems in various States in a bid to hijack the party structure. Their incursion into APC is nothing but an act of depredation. They have nothing to offer. They came with no supporter. They could not provide anything for their people when they were trusted with public Office, how can they provide it now? If not that poverty blindfolds, the Easterners instead of stoning their failed representatives are trading blames about due to mind poisoning. Poverty of the mind indeed.

Finally, the TRUE ENEMIES of the South East are the PDP. They trusted them but got robbed, used poisoned and sold out.

Maxwell Obika is a public affairs analyst.

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