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“Masters in UK is the highest scam of all” — Nigerian student laments expenses (Video)

Nigerian student taking her Masters program in the UK laments the cost of living as she concludes her experience as a scam.

A video making rounds on social media captured the lamentation of a Nigerian student in the UK and the struggles to make ends meet.

The lady who works 20 hours weekly and earns £1020 monthly broke down her expenses which ends up not being enough to sustain basic needs.

Here’s her breakdown;

Rent – £775

Phone bill – £25

Water – £30

Electricity – £120

Broadband – £25

Netflix – £7

Apple Pay – £2.29

Food – £150

Bus Fare – £40

She, however, concluded that the idea of having a Masters degree in the UK is nothing but a scam.

Her claim sparked mixed reactions from netizens; some who condemned her for exaggerating the cost of living while others advised her to cut down her expenses.

“Stop discouraging people. Student houses here, bills inclusive, highest price I have seen in Sheffield is £600 despite the fact that it’s one of the most expensive place to live in the uk. Una go just come online dey lie give people. 😏,”

a social media user wrote in reaction.

Another user added,

“Why will you be living in a house of £775 without bills included?… ( you won’t pay any bills)why will you be using £25 for phone bill when you can get a contract sim of £12 and your house go get broadband?… why can’t you use naija Netflix account 4500?…. Na you Dey live big man life ..”

Watch the video below …

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