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Man seeks justice for brother jailed under ‘dubious’ circumstances in South Africa

Man seeks justice for brother jailed under 'dubious' circumstances in South Africa

New details have emerged regarding the sentencing of a Nigerian, Mr Abdul Olatunji, by the South African judicial system over alleged involvement in a fraudulent activity.

When the news broke that Mr Olatunji has been sentenced to 12 years imprisonment in far away South Africa some few weeks ago, many social media platforms were flooded with comments from his associates and acquaintances who questioned the veracity of the offense for which he was convicted.

One of the people who also expressed their disbelief over the decision of the South African court was the respected Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of HND Records, Mr. Owomabo.

Mr. Owomabo coincidentally is the brother of the convict and he alleged that Mr Olatunji may have been roped into an offense he practically knew nothing about.

The record label boss also claimed to be in possession of some material evidence that could prove his brother’s innocence but alleged that the collusion between South African officials and a group of Nigerians had frustrated his efforts to get real justice.

Talking in a recent interview with the Independent, Mr. Owomabo disclosed that he has video recordings and other facts to back up his claim that Mr Olatunji’s conviction was actually a product of a well orchestrated scheme to make him take the fall for a crime he didn’t commit.

According to the music exec, the Palm Ridge court 8 where his brother was tried and sentenced is reputed to be a cesspit of corruption.

The magistrate, prosecutor and investigation officer are all working for the two Nigerians who set up my brother, Olatunji Abdul. He is currently languishing in a South African prison for an offense he didn’t commit”, Owomabo lamented.

Mr Owomabo also went into details of how his brother was railroaded into a dubious plea bargaining arrangement masterminded by a lawyer recommended by the same court.

He added that his brother had spent three years in prison awaiting trial and all efforts to secure his bail were frustrated by the investigation officer who he alleged is very corrupt, and had planned with two Nigerians to punish Mr Abdul for not being loyal to them.

He revealed how the investigation officer met his brother in prison many times and told him to go and beg the people he is fighting with, because they are very powerful. He also alleged that the magistrate and prosecutor are on their side.

“If Olatunji Abdul likes, let him use 100 lawyers, he won’t be given bail. Rather, he will be sitting in jail, awaiting trial”, Owomabo quoted the investigation officer to have said.

He added, “After 3 years of just sitting in jail, we decided to listen to the corrupt police officer, Captain Mopedi and went to beg the two Nigerians whom he asked my brother to go and beg. When we went to beg them, they requested for two hundred thousand Rands before they allowed the magistrate to grant my brother bail.

“They gave a condition that before the magistrate can grant the bail, Abdul needs to fire his lawyer and hire a lawyer trusted by the prosecutor, investigation officer and the magistrate, saying this lawyer is their in-house lawyer.”

“At this point, we had no choice than to dance to their tune, since it was evident that they controlled the court. We gathered the two hundred thousand Rands and paid it to them. Then my brother fired his lawyer (Deon Pool) to hire their in-house lawyer (Kagiso).”

“Kagiso went to consult with my brother and told him that since he has been in jail for 3 years the state was proposing a deal with him. It’s called section 105, and if we do this plea bargain, my brother will only be given a fine of about twenty thousand Rands by the magistrate, then he can go home.”

“Since we knew they are all being controlled by these two Nigerians, Olatunji Abdul told him to go ahead with the plea agreement. On getting to court, he changed the plea agreement which was supposed to be section 105 to section 112. After the magistrate read the plea to Abdul, he declined that he never pleaded guilty to this. He smelled a foul play and fired their in-house lawyer and hired a new female white lawyer, Nastaja to look into the plea agreement.”

Speaking further, he said, “When Nastasja looked into the plea agreement, she told Abdul his former lawyer lied and collided with the prosecutor and investigation officer. That she will try to stop the plea agreement. Unfortunately, the magistrate said it was too late for her to stop the plea agreement.”

“Nastaja said Abdul isn’t even the main suspect here, because according to the charge sheet presented by the Investigation Officer, Capt. Mopedi, it all looked like a set up. She was scared for Abdul’s life because it was a tough set up.”

Owomabo continued, “Truly, from the charge sheet presented by captain Oscar Mopedi in 2019 when he was arrested, they were supposed to be 8 accused, but only 6 of the accused were listed, which include; Siphoshle Sithole (accused 1) account holder/owner, Olatunji Abdul (Accused 2), Adedayo Quandri (accused 3), Ebenezer Jegede (Accused 4) Main fraudster who put money into accused 1 account, El Hassan El Hasseim (Accused 5), Jean Tshama (Accused 6).”

He added that for obvious reasons, Capt Mopedi intentionally left out the names of two main people who connived to set Abdul up.

“The master planners, Ndubuisi Emmanuel a.k.a ND (Accused 7), and Udoka, a.k.a General (Accused 8) are the only two accused not mentioned in the docket, even after appearing in all CCTV footages on the docket.”

“These are the two people who used Babatunde Jegede to set up Olatunji Abdul. ND and Udoka appeared in all the CCTV footages where the crime proceeds were spent. They even went inside the bank to withdraw cash of one million Rands, but they weren’t arrested or even listed on the charge sheet by Captain Oscar Mopedi.”

Owomabo seized the opportunity to appeal to the Chairman of Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, (NIDCOM), Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa to use her good office in ensuring that Olatunji Abdul gets justice.

Also, he appealed to Hon Ronald Lamola, the South African Minister of Justice and Correctional service to help look into the case so that the perpetrators of this wicked act can be brought to book.

Lamenting, Owomabo said “Olatunji Abdul was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for a crime he never committed. I’m using this medium to appeal to the Chairman of Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, (NIDCOM), Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa to help intervene in this case because my brother is suffering for a crime he didn’t commit.”

“Everyone who sees the docket keeps saying Abdul isn’t the main accused, so why is he being punished wrongly. The docket conspicuously shows the main accused. I have a voice recording of the account holder as well confirming he never met Olatunji Abdul before and he was persuaded by Captain Oscar Mopedi to testify against Mr Abdul which he refused. I’m begging the whole world. Please help me look into this case”, he lamented further.

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