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Majekodunmi-Oniru: I Garnered a Lot of Political Education Early in Life

Majekodunmi-Oniru: I Garnered a Lot of Political Education Early in Life

In this interview with Nseobong Okon-Ekong, Mrs. Olatorera Majekodunmi-Oniru,  Ogun State Central Senatorial District aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Congress makes a solemn commitment to effectively represent the citizens of Ifo, Ewekoro, Obafemi-Owode, Odeda, Abeokuta North and Abeokuta South

What values are you bringing to the table in this senatorial contest?
I am running to serve the nation and deliver on achievable promises of collective prosperity. When Nigerians are happy, I am happy. We must deploy aggregate solutions to our economic development issues and drive change and immediate progress. I am committed to effectively representing great citizens of Ifo, Ewekoro, Obafemi-Owode, Odeda, Abeokuta North and Abeokuta South. This I have pledged and I have been working diligently towards as I engage with all stakeholders in our APC party. I want Ogun Central District to boldly say one year from now, 4 years from now, that Ọ.M.Ọ is our most progressive Senator. As my support group and I work hard to win the seat now, we will work much harder to win the love of every citizen once seated. To succeed, the values we carry into the upper chamber are values of ethics, smart-work, resultful leadership and equal representation. I am bringing to the table an unrelenting belief in Greater Nigeria, achievable through progressive policies and a united government. I am bringing my love for people and my determination to instill a happy and progressive culture of growth, development and humanistic leadership. I am bringing my promise to work with every leader in Nigeria to provide the highest quality education, healthy living and other important benefits for every citizen.

What inspired you to enter the race at this level and what political experience do you have?
I always knew I wanted to effectively and progressively represent great citizens of Ogun Central in advocating key policies that guarantee development, unity, peace and progress. Ogun state has one of the highest potentials for rapid developments. Our great country has always been one of the world’s highest potential countries but since Independence and till today, we are not yet capitalizing on our very high potentials. We must attain monumental economic growth that would significantly impact each and every citizen. I am vying for the senatorial seat because Nigeria simply must move forward, no compromise, and we must effect change on a very wide scale, from the top. Time is not on our side to catch up with the developed world. Our children’s children must enjoy a greater Nigeria. As someone born into a political family and someone who exhibited political traits since birth, you can consider me a politician before birth. Politics has always been a part of my path. I want to contribute to ‘Greater Nigeria’ whereby our minimum standard of living would be elevated to a level comfortable for every citizen. I garnered a lot of political education very early in life from my network, career path and educational sojourn. I always knew I would run for office with aspirations to do all I can to move our nation forward.

What attracted you to the All Progressives Congress and what kind of reception have you received?
I have been a member of APC for a while. Many of my political associates and allies nationwide are leaders and members of APC. I identify with progressive Nigerians who work tirelessly for Greater Nigeria. The reception has always been fantastic, in line with the progressive nature of the party. 

Apart from concessions allowed to women on the sale of forms, do you think gender can help you in any way?
Aside from the concession, an executive order was signed mandating 35% representation of women in Government and Politics.  Considering every delegate is aware of this executive order, it would be progressive to the unity and success of the party for us to ensure at least one of every three seats, from senate to local elective positions, goes to women; provided we have qualified and capable women running and would serve progressively for Greater Nigeria.

What will be your stance if you do not make it through the senatorial primary of your party?
We are focused on winning and nothing else. We are confident that we will secure the APC Senate seat for Ogun Central as we continue our district-wide engagements with passion, zeal, forthrightness and an unrelenting focus on Greater Nigeria for all. We have been very well received everywhere and leaders and party members are gladden in anticipation of our victory for Greater Ogun and Greater Nigeria. 
Can you give us one issue on your mind that may drive your legislative engagement when you become a senator?
The way out of many of Nigeria’s problems today, is first and foremost, a democratic system that elects the most progressive and passionate citizens into leadership positions of governance. Great, progressive citizens in positions of leadership, will work unitedly to achieve timely developments in all areas, all industries and in ways that positively impact every citizen. To achieve the best citizens in government, we must strengthen education. I want Nigeria to provide the highest quality education to each and every Nigerian. Indigenous, all-encompassing education from primary to tertiary levels. Nigeria’s insecurity challenges today are brought on by extreme poverty which is brought on by a lack of quality education, causing frustrations with a system that’s not effectively delivering even the most minimal standard of living. Nigerians are going through a lot of told and untold hardships. Many Nigerian citizens do not feel secure at home thus the mass migration and brain drain. Elected and appointed leaders must do all it takes to ensure a fairer standard of living in Nigeria starting with providing the highest quality education to each and every citizen. Laws will be strengthened to support strong, immediate developments across all public and private schools.

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