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Life after BIC Art Master Africa competition: 5 success stories & advice from previous winners

Life after BIC Art Master Africa competition: 5 success stories & advice from previous winners

Odaro Franklin who submitted the art piece ‘Entranced’ and won the competition in third place, states that the competition has significantly changed his career. Odaro explains that participating in the BIC Art Master Africa competition has elevated his exposure in the art space, as he saw an opportunity to develop his skills and art.

Lagos-based artist, Andrew Nathan, expressed his gratitude to the BIC Art Master Africa competition as it has given him more clarity regarding his path as an artist. Andrew made more sense of his career following his participation in the competition as it made him realize his potential as an artist. BIC Art Master Africa was a stepping stone for Andrew in his career.

Ugandan professional artist and art teacher, Ashaba Gaito, explains that the competition can help artists make money (if amongst the winners) and find a niche in the world of art. As a teacher, his participation in the BIC Art Master Africa competition has left a lasting impression on his students who are looking forward to following the footsteps of their inspirational teacher. Talk about impact!

Thuso Madikela from South Africa explains that in addition to being named amongst Africa’s winning artists, impacting others, and improving lives, BIC Art Master Africa encourages creatives to be themselves and express themselves in their own unique ways. Thuso says: “All you need to do to win the competition is to be you. Express yourself and your style through your art. That’s the best way to stand out.”

Ugandan artist and first place winner, Eric Gayer, was named Africa’s 2021 Art Master. He confirmed that dedication and perseverance are crucial to making the winning team. Eric explained that he spent 220 hours to complete his winning artwork, Circle of Life, and that he needed to create something powerful that would speak to the viewer visually.

Since 2017, BIC Art Master Africa, and through the iconic BIC Cristal ballpoint pen, has impacted artists across Africa and the Middle East, and created memorable moments and phenomenal artworks. This year’s competition under the theme ‘Celebrating Africa’ is still open for entries through the Art Master Africa website. Hurry up and register before the 31st of August 2022 for a chance to create change and win cash prizes up to USD 2,000.

For more information on the competition, visit the BIC Art Master Africa website here.

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