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Kizz Daniel clears the air on Tanzanian Afroclassic Tour 2022 debacle

Kizz Daniel clears the air on Tanzanian Afroclassic Tour 2022 debacle

Folu pinpointed the lack of coordination and proper arrangement of the slated event by promoters of the show. He further debunked several allegations making the rounds about Kizz Daniel’s late arrival to Tanzania.

He also denied the claim made by the show promoter Mr. Steven Uwa that Kizz refused to perform due to the unavailability of his clothes or jewelry. Folu made counterclaims that Steven reneged on previous agreements and misappropriated the funds meant for the show which led to Kizz’s inability to perform.

During the Instagram live session, Steven confirmed that he had reached an agreement behind closed doors with Kizz Daniel’s team to reschedule the show before he reneged on the agreement and involved the police.

Kizz Daniel holds a press conference to address the issue: The Instagram live comes after Kizz Daniel held a press conference where he addressed Tanzanian and tendered his apology for missing the show. Kizz also cleared the air that he was only invited for questioning by the police following the vandalism that his absence caused at the venue.

Kizz Daniel shared that the unfortunate situation was not intentional and he doesn’t take the fans for granted as he takes his craft seriously. “I love my job, I love performing, I’m a great entertainer, it was beyond my power, I’m really sorry, “ the superstar said during the press conference.

Narrating the incident, Kizz revealed that when he suffered an 8-hour delay in Nairobi Kenya, where he was supposed to get a connecting flight to Tanzania.

“We stayed in Nairobi for eight hours and waited at the Airport Lounge and eventually got a connecting flight and arrived Dar-es-Salam at 11.30 pm and the band went straight to the venue. While this was happening, the organizers assured me and my team that everything was in order and the fans were properly communicated to. We eventually arrived at the hotel at 1.30 AM due to misplaced luggage and required documentation processes.”

Kizz Daniel revealed that he ensured the band was at the venue to ensure everything was in order despite the delay at the airport. However, the band was cut off stage due to their supposed late arrival.

Show Promoters apologize to Kizz Daniel and the Public: in resolving the issue, the show promoters apologized to Kizz Daniel for misleading the public by stating that he refused to perform because he didn’t have his luggage.

“We agreed with the promoters that we will apologize to the fans and arrange another show. Dissociating from Str8Up Vibes, a new arrangement has now been made with a new local promoter, to put together another show altogether — a free concert — which is scheduled for Friday, August 12.”

Kizz Daniel has been enjoying a stellar 2022 with his hit single ‘Buga’ becoming the biggest song in Africa. After successful tours in the US and UK, Kizz Daniel kicked off the African lap of his Afroclassic Tour with a sold-out show in Uganda.

Now that the dust from the Tanzania debacle has settled, Kizz Daniel is set to offer Tanzanians a mind-blowing all-expense covered performance come Friday, 12th August 2022.

for his exceptional performances during his sold-out tours in Uganda, the UK, and the US has promised to give Tanzanians a show of a lifetime this weekend.

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