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“Jehovah, what type of thing is this”

Popular entrepreneur and socialite, Obinna Iyiegbu better known as Obi Cubana and his wife, Ebele got fed up during a live session after a White man they spoke with refused to exit the convo.

In the video, Obi Cubana’s wife waved the White guy goodbye and he waved back appropriately. However, things appeared a bit awkward after the lad began repeating the statement “I’m fine thank you” thereby leaving everyone confused.

Cubana’s wife had to invite him (her husband) to discharge the man but he kept repeating his initial statement.

Expressing frustration over the display, Obi Cubana had to exclaim in Igbo language.

He said;

“Ehyee, Jehova kedu ife bu ife a” which implies “Jehova, what type of thing is this?”

His family members could be heard laughing in the background as he battled it out with the foreigner.

Watch the video below:

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