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Islamic Cleric Advocates Voting Credible Leaders In 2023

Islamic Cleric Advocates Voting Credible Leaders In 2023

A renowned Islamic scholar in Kano, Sheikh Muhammad Bin Othman, has charged Nigerians to vote for credible leaders, irrespective of religious and political differences to move the country forward.

He said that at this crucial period, with what the masses are passing through, prayer is the only weapon that will guide Nigerians on who to elect as their leaders.

He then cautioned the electorate to “avoid being deceived by contestants to vote for them.”

Sheikh Bin Othman made the call during a sermon in Kano on Tuesday, charging the eligible voters to desist from vote buying, ballot snatching and other illegal acts during the upcoming election.

According to him, credibility, incorruptibility, sincerity, honesty and integrity are some of the qualities of a good leader, saying each and every person would be held accountable for his deeds on the day of judgement.

He added that “the textual references are there speaking for themselves from the Qura’n and Sunnah.

Sheikh Bin Othman advised the eligible voters to avoid being deceived by corrupt politicians, who will not hesitate to engage in unethical ways that will lead to the underdevelopment of the country.

While he decried rising cases of banditry and insecurity, especially in the northern part of the country, Sheikh Bin Othman then described maiming, kidnapping, killing and stealing as some of the problems bedevilling the country.

He called on the government to intensify more efforts to mitigate societal problems and ensure peaceful coexistence and mutual understanding between different ethnic and religious groups in the country.

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