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Is VAR in place in the 2022/23 FA Cup third round?

If VAR had been in effect throughout the FA Cup’s history, a number of unique moments may have played out completely differently.

Technology and officiating remains as combustible a mix as ever, with video assistant referees provoking outrage from fans around the world on a regular basis. Regular watchers of top flight football have become more and more frustrated with VAR, though its use in the FA Cup is a little more varied.

Here’s how much the system is used throughout the early stages of the competition.

The system and requirements needed to make use of a video assistant referee means not every FA Cup game utilises it.

While VAR is a staple part of Premier League and Champions League games as well as throughout Europe, its use in the FA Cup is a little more inconsistent.

In all rounds before the quarter finals, the use of VAR is not guaranteed. It is only used in a game where a Premier League side plays at home as the technology is already in place for those grounds. The FA decided not to implement the system for one-off games.

However, it has licensed the use of VAR for all quarter finals, even at clubs below the Premier League level. Last season, Nottingham Forest and Middlesbrough had VAR preside over their games against Chelsea and Liverpool respectively – both sides suffered defeat to Premier League opposition.

The FA Cup rulebook states: “The Association reserves the right to select any match in the Competition Proper, at its absolute discretion, in which VARs will be used.

“This means that the Referee in such matches can make decisions based on information provided by the VARs in accordance with the relevant protocol of the IFAB.

“Guidance regarding the use of VARs will be provided by The Association to the relevant Clubs at the appropriate time.”

FA Cup semi finals and the final are now traditionally played at Wembley, with all games covered by VAR.


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