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I’m not a member of APC – Buhari’s aide, Adesina

I'm not a member of APC - Buhari's aide, Adesina

Adesina said this on a Channels Television programme, Politics Today, on Thursday, May 12, 2022.

The presidential aide also revealed that he has no plan to contest for any political office in the 2023 general elections.

“I’m running to my house…. yes I’ve chosen to run to my house after I finish serving the president, that’s the running I’m doing,” Adesina said.

Asked if he’s a card-carrying member of the APC, the spokesman said such affiliation doesn’t exist between him and the party, adding that his decision to work for the president was simply based on his sympathy for the APC.

“I work for an APC government, I’ve sympathy for APC, that’s what I’d say.”

Explaining why he hasn’t registered to be a member of the party, Adesina said “I’m not a politician actually.”

“I would tell you that APC is my preferred party, it’s the party I like. If I didn’t like the party I wouldn’t come to work for a government run by APC. APC is my preferred party, and any day the party has my best wishes but am I a card-carrying member? No.”

“There is nothing as good as an idea whose time has come. The time had come for that to happen and it’s happening. You can do things prematurely, you can do things too late but you can do things at the right time, that was the right time for it to happen,” he said.

Buhari’s tenure will expire on May 29, 2023, when he’s expected to hand over power to a newly elected president.

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