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How to wear perfume the right way this August

How to wear perfume the right way this August

Here’s how to get any cologne from any of the three notes to emit longer.

Before getting into the how, let’s take a look at the where. The best areas to apply perfume are those where natural body heat leisurely releases the perfume ingredients.

  • The most naturally heated parts of the feminine body are: behind the ears, the neck and the chest.
  • The moderately heated areas are: shoulders, wrists and behind your knees.
  • The least heat is generated at the inner elbow, below the midriff, the calves and ankles.

  • The lower jaw, the neck and shoulders have the highest body heat emissions for the male body.
  • The chest and wrist have moderate heat, and the inner elbow, forearms have the least temperature.
  • So when applying your perfume, capitalise on these areas for optimal results.

Nonetheless, here are 10 tips to help you get the perfect scent and maintain it longer.

Humidity, light and heat affect the Notes of perfumes, gradually reducing quality and intensity. Store in a cool and dry place, away from windows.

Perfume concentration is the ratio of perfume oil to alcohol present. The alcohol neutralises the scent from the oil and regulates the duration of the aroma. So the more perfume oil, the more intense and long lasting. More alcohol concentration means it fizzles out faster.

Keep the scented deodorant and your perfume separated, never wear them together. Unless you’re an alchemist and take time to match scents, the two products can be unpleasant for you and others.

Note that dry skin has a harder time absorbing perfume, so take care to moisturise and keep your skin hydrated to absorb better, not to mention longer. But just like the scented deodorant, scented moisturiser will affect the end whiff.

The idea is to allow moisture to soak the scent into the skin of the area applied to. Better yet, it prevents the cologne from tainting certain fabrics or jewelry.

Misting is where one sprays the air and then strolls through it. It’s wastage of product, and for low concentration perfumes, you are likely to have the scent for a smaller window of time than the stated duration.

Cloth fibres trap fragrances longer, even after you wash the fabric.

You’ll have more absorption because this area is oilier than behind the earlobes.

The friction drives away the fragrance faster.

For touch-ups throughout your day, spray a couple of cotton swabs and keep them in a small pocket inside your bag. It is also simpler than carrying around the bottle and ruining its quality.

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