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Ghana Protesters Ask Akufo-Addo To Resign As Inflation Worsens

Faced with record inflation of 37% in the country, several Ghanaians took to the streets on Saturday, dressed in red t-shirts, the colour of mourning in the country, to demand the departure of Nana Akufo-Addo.

Many placards reading “Politicians are eating; Ghanaians are suffering” and “Resign or be impeached” were held up during the peaceful protest. Accused of nepotism, clientelism and corruption, the president is in the eye of the storm.

“There is a conflict of interest due to collusion between the president and his cousin. When they ask for loans, 9% of the money goes to his private bank, that’s not a good thing. We just want them to step down. It’s not a matter of fighting or we want to be on the streets ranting about nothing. He should stand down so that there is peace and let someone else rule. “, explains  Anita Asamoah, a nurse.

Student Carlos Adams said everyone is suffering because of the economic situation.

Ghana is seeking a $3 billion loan from the IMF to cope with record inflation of 37 percent and the collapse of its currency, the cedi.

“Our education system has been brought down. Our economy is in a ditch. You can’t buy a gallon of gas. You can’t buy a bag of corn and eat three full meals; that’s a problem now. The fittest survive, and that’s not why we voted for him.”, underlines  Carlos Adams, a student.

Ten days after ruling party lawmakers called for the finance minister to be fired, the pressure on the government is mounting.

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