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Find out which footballers have attracted the most fans during their unveiling

Find out which footballers have attracted the most fans during their unveiling

Over the past years, we have seen fans showing up to welcome their new players and here are some of the presentations that brought many fans together.

Neymar came into the limelight while at Santos after performing exceptionally well and many clubs started negotiating for his signature. Barcelona won the race to sign him after lengthy negotiations with Santos.

On the day of his presentation, 57,000 Barcelona fans showed up to welcome the wonder kid who had topped many charts with his football stats. The rest is history after PSG broke the banks to sign him from Barcelona.

Home is where we belong and no one can resist the calling. When Tevez moved back to his boyhood club in Argentina, 60,000 fans showed up to welcome their prodigal son who departed to play European football. This just shows how much they loved and adored him despite being away for many years.

Known to many as ‘the lion’, Zlatan Ibrahimovic made headlines back then when 60,000 Barcelona fans welcomed him at Camp Nou. Zlatan had performed excellently in the Serie A and the Barcelona fans were witnessing ‘the gem’ dressed in their shirt as they sang for him.

Despite all the hype and praise, Zlatan was at Barcelona for one season only after falling out with Pep Guardiola who was the manager at the time.

The late Diego Maradona led Naples to a standstill during his presentation after joining Napoli in Italy. A total of 65,000 Napoli fans were in the San Paolo Stadium while others stood outside as the stadium was already filled to the brim during Maradona’s presentation.

The stadium was renamed after him, Diego Armando Maradona Stadium in 2020 after his death. Maradona’s name lives on even after his death. Long live the legend.

Up to date, no presentation has surpassed Cristiano’s in terms of the number of fans that showed up.

In 2009, a record of 75,000 fans showed up to welcome this iconic footballer to their club. His spell at Real Madrid is one to remember after winning four UEFA Champions League trophies with the club.

We are yet to see a footballer who will surpass Cristiano’s record as it just takes a lot to convince people to come and welcome you.

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