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Burnaboy Steps Out As ‘Gorilla’ To Scare His Critic — VIDEO

Burna Boy, a Nigerian singer, unveiled his animal form ‘Gorilla’ as he ‘attacks’ one of his biggest critics and Nigerian skit maker, MC Mbakara, at his home.

Burna Boy usually refers to himself as a primate ape and chose to embody gorilla traits in reality.

MC Mbakara had previously called out the singer and always criticized him at every opportunity.

However, the ‘Stand Tall’ singer decided to disguise himself as a gorilla in order to warn him and others about the constant criticism.

Burna Boy was seen in a video chasing and scaring the popular skit maker and everyone at his home as they ran helter-skelter.

Although Burna Boy did not physically assault anyone, the sight of the gorilla made MC Mbakara and his friends uneasy.

Burna Boy is well-known for his lyrics about himself being a gorilla; in one of his songs, he says, “I be gorilla, but you can’t lock me in the zoo.”

See video below:

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