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Big Brother Naija – Day 41: Like stars in the sky – BBNaija

The BBNaija Level Up Housemates have brought a lot of drama and entertainment our way. From the arguments to the exaggerated display of emotions sometimes we feel we are watching an unending loop of Nollywood movies. Y’all have noticed this as well…
So we decided to take a look at the characters of the Level Up Housemates and see which Nigerian entertainment stars they remind us of. Take a look at our pick below.👇🏾
Adekunle – Deyemi Okanlawon
When one thinks of Adekunle, what pops into mind is the deep-thinking character who takes an in-depth look at issues to make his analysis. This obviously has led to him being tagged as a gossip but when you think about it, the guy just dey analyse where him dey.😂  Adekunle also has a light and funny side that pops out every now and then and we absolutely love it. Anyway, one Nollywood actor we see in a lot of roles like this is Deyemi Okanlawon who can be seen in his elements in movies like Elesin Oba, the King’s Horseman and What Happened at St James.
Allysyn – Nancy Isime
Okay, we’re going to admit the low cut did play a role in likening Allysyn to Nancy Isime but that’s not all though. From her handle on socials, Nancy Isime can be seen as all fun and bubbly and this characteristic is often associated with Allysyn. 

Bella – Genevieve Nnaji
Bella has a calm but confident demeanour that would interest anyone who comes across her. Bella’s physical attributes and charisma remind us of the famous Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji who exudes a certain charm. Like Genevieve’s persona in the movie Lion Heart, Bella does gives off the boss chick vibes that we absolutely love.
Bryann – Rema
Musically gifted Bryann is regarded by many as a breakout star from the Level Up season and is projected to become the next big thing in music. Now, Bryann doesn’t mirror any Nollywood star we know but he does remind us of music star Rema and a lot of people on social media definitely agree with this. 
Chichi – Uche Ogbodo
Chichi is bold and ‘you can’t stain her white’😁. Chichi has made it clear she was going to change the narrative around exotic dancers and would be all about making a way for herself on the show. One Nollywood actress who has gone through a lot to make a name for herself in the movie industry is Uche Ogbodo. Ever since Uche Ogbodo’s debut in the early 2000s, she made her mark with compelling roles and maintained a career through various trials. 
Chizzy – Sabinus
Funny man and vawulence master Chizzy has made his mark in the Level Up House even as a Rider. His funny punchlines and comedic nature give us a Sabinus vibe. Chizzy is not ashamed of his roots and lets you know he is not changing. Top that off with all his funny moments and we’ve got a Mr Sabinus on our hands. 
Chomzy – Julianna Olayode
We know what you are thinking and you are right. That gap tooth played a part in the match.😂However, we would also like to highlight that Julianna Olayode has always been perceived as a warm and charming actress by fans and many of her colleagues, a feature Chomzy also exudes in the Level Up House. 
Daniella – Jemima Osunde
Calm, well-spoken and smart are some of the qualities that best describe Nollywood actress Jemima Osunde. We have also noticed Daniella exhibits these qualities, hence the reason why we think she exudes some of the personality traits of Jemima Osunde. 
Deji – Mawuli Gavor
With popping abs and a towering height, Deji walked into the Level Up House looking like a GQ model. His charming and laid-back personality made him the toast of the ladies, as well as reminding us of Ghanaian Nollywood actor Mawuli Gavor who has a laid-back character and is also the spec of many Naija ladies. 
Diana – Eucharia Anunobi
Diana gives off that rich aunty vibe. A woman who possesses class and wealth, but will still set straight anyone who crosses her. One woman that came into mind was Nollywood actress Eucharia Anunobi who has played roles that suites this character in movies such as Married to 2 Men.
Dotun – Jidekene
Cool and reserved is a word often used to refer to Dotun both by his fellow Housemates and fans of the show. His demeanour and light-hearted nature bring to mind a couple of stars from the Nigerian entertainment scene but we feel Jidekene seems to have personality traits that Dotun shares. On socials, Jidekene often gives off a chilled vibe with a splash of goofiness. An attitude we have also noticed Dotun has exhibited.
Doyin – Beverly Naya
Doyin is all about her peace of mind and living the soft girl life. Though her playing ‘therapist’ has gotten her into a few squabbles, she generally maintains an air of class and finesse. Top that with an amazing fashion sense and we see Doyin mirroring the Nollywood actress Beverly Naya. Beverly Naya is a beautiful, melanin queen whose fashion style and laid-back vibe have made her a style and fashion icon in Nigeria. 


Eloswag – Fireboy DML
Now we know many of y’all have equated Eloswag to Fireboy DML in the looks department, but have y’all noticed the high energy they both share? Eloswag who was the first HoH made history in the Level Up season by becoming HoH a second time, therefore, saving the former Level 1 Housemates from Eviction. Fireboy DML is an energetic and fiery performer whose stage performances leave fans wanting more. So, it’s not just the looks for us, Eloswag’s energy in the House does match the fiery performances of Fireboy DML.
Groovy – Ramsey Nouah
When Groovy came into the House, he was likened to ex BBNaija Housemate Elozonam but then again, this post isn’t all about looks. When Groovy came into the House, his looks made him the toast of quite a few ladies. Add that up with a few lover boy dramas with Amaka, Beauty and Phyna, we’ve got a potential Ramsey Nouah ‘Old Nollywood’ character on our hands. Remember those movies with Genevieve and Ramsey?👀 The tears, the intrigue and the drama only remind us of Groovy’s spicy experience in the Level Up House. 
Giddyfia – Mc Lively 
Giddyfia has the reputation of being the funny guy in the Level Up House who finds different ways to crack his fellow Housemates up. Apart from being the funny guy, he is also known to have a boisterous voice and a hearty laugh. With these qualities, one of the entertainers we could think of that bodied these personalities was MC Lively. The internet sensation made a name for himself by making skits of himself acting as a loud, jobless lawyer. MC Lively’s comedic abilities earned him millions of fans who enjoy his content to date
Hermes – Reminisce
Hermes and Reminisce no resemble abi? However, they both have street smarts which have helped them pull through a lot of life issues. Hermes is seen by many of his colleagues as a smart and intelligent Housemate. Reminisce’s music ranges from songs that are deep and require one to reflect to songs that are just for fun. This clearly describes Hermes who is known to be a deep thinker but also a Housemate who knows when to have fun. Hermes also speaks fondly of his connection to his neighbourhood and how it has influenced him. 
Phyna – Mercy Johnson
She can be the funny girl, the ‘agbero’, the sister you can lean on and the lover girl. We’re talking about Mercy Johnson here guys!😏 However, one lady who also has displayed these characters in the House is Phyna. She has grown to be loved by many because of her presumed realness.
Rachel – Dakore Ebguson 
Coming into the show as a Rider 2 weeks after the show started, has not stopped Rachel from making her mark in the Level Up House. With wit and charm, she was able to garner the attention of some of the men in the House. Her soft yet edgy vibe is why we think she gives off a likeness of actress Dakore Egbuson.
Sheggz – Jim Iyke
Abroad bad boy and swagger king are movie roles Jim Iyke is widely known for. Who fits that description in the House? We think it’s Sheggz!😎 Apart from the accent and the swagger, Sheggz has shown he is a very confident young man who is focused on his goal. Top this all up with being a lover boy and you’ve got an early 2000’s Jim Iyke staring right at you.
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