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BETTING: What teams will make the 2022/23 Premier League top 4?

BETTING: What teams will make the 2022/23 Premier League top 4?

Bet9ja offers odds for all 20 Premier League teams based on their chances to finish the 2022/23 season in the top 4.

Bet9ja offers odds on each of the 20 teams based on their likelihood to finish the 2022/23 season in the top four.

As far as the top four race is concerned, only two teams are pretty much guaranteed a spot and their odds on Bet9ja’s ‘Antepost Soccer’ market and they are Manchester City and Liverpool.

Both perennial title contenders are valued at garbage odds to make the top four, Manchester City at 1.02 odds and Liverpool at 1.08 odds.

With two spots essentially filled, that leaves two more spots which will typically be occupied by any of these four teams when it’s all said and done.

Bet9ja values Tottenham at 1.61 to make the top four and Chelsea at 1.68 for the same outcome which makes sense because they both finished in the top four last season.

Arsenal have been set at a juicy 2.50 odds to make the top four which is likely considering they have recruited well this season and Manchester United are valued at 2.75 odds for the same outcome in Erik Ten Hag’s first season at Old Trafford.

The following teams have an outside chance of finishing in the top four; Newcastle United at 8.50 odds, West Ham at 14.00 odds, Aston Villa at 17.00 odds and Leicester City at 18.00 odds all have a chance based on precedent in recent seasons but remain unlikely to do so.

The following teams have the ability to make life difficult for the big teams but lack the consistency to make a top four push.

Brighton have been valued at 23.00 odds for a top-four finish, Wolves at 26.00 odds, while Crystal Palace and Everton are at 31.00 odds apiece for the same outcome.

For these next set of teams there is almost no hope, they are all more likely to get relegated from the Premier League than to end the season with UEFA Champions League qualification.

Leeds United and Southampton have both been valued at 41.00 odds, Brentford at 51.00, newly-promoted duo of Nottingham Forest and Fulham both at 81.00 odds and Bournemouth, another newcomer valued at a whopping 151.00 odds to make the top four.

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