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Anita Joseph speaks on why actresses are richer than actors —VIDEO

Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph recently shared her take on female colleagues having more money than male actors.

Just recently, Appearing on the ‘Honest Bunch’ podcast with Nedu, Actor Kunle Remi had wondered why it appears actresses are doing better than their male colleagues.

The ‘Anikulapo’ Actor recounted when he drove to a movie location and his female colleagues pulled up in more expensive cars.

According to him, this is surprising because he knows how much he was paid for the movie and also had an idea of how much actresses were paid for the same movie.

Kunle Remi mentioned that actresses are fond of saying they have multiple streams of income when asked how they drive expensive cars.


In response to his claims, one of his female colleagues, Anita Joseph took to social media, and gave her reasons why they are better off than their counterparts.

The Actress hinted that some actresses’ flamboyant lifestyle are sponsored by their purported bankrollers aka sugar daddies.

Because most of the females have ndi Nna Ochie (Sugar Daddy). Shalom in the highest biko,” she wrote in the comment section of an Instagram blog.


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